• On a white background, a gray and yellow double-strand beaded bracelet stands on edge. The photo shows a close-up of the beads.
  • A gray, yellow, and silver bracelet lies unclasped on a white surface. The bracelet features two strands of beads and a rectangular silver clasp.
  • A wrist and hand are pictured against a white faux-wood background. On the wrist is a double-strand beaded bracelet in shades of gray and pale golden-yellow.

Gray and Yellow-Golden Beaded Two-Strand Gemstone Bracelet


 "Battlemented" Bracelet

This design, like the "Battlemented" Necklace, was inspired by a passage from Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel The Marble Faun. In that passage, Donatello takes his friend Kenyon on a tour of the tower on Donatello's family estate. Struggling with the horror of a choice he made earlier in the book, Donatello is snared in gloom and despondency. But Kenyon's encouragement and comfort eventually give him at least a little hope for the future.

The bracelet design draws upon the details of this passage: the silvery-gray crazy lace represents the gray stones of the tower, and the labradorite and the golden rutilated quartz allude to the mix of sun and cloud that catches Kenyon's eye when the two friends reach the top of the tower and look out over the surrounding land. The double strand reminds us of the importance of having a good friend with whom to share our doubts as well as our hopes.

Let this bracelet remind you of your own strength as well as the strength that can be drawn from friendship in times of both sun and storm.

The Details

  • length: approximately 7 inches
  • dimensions of large crazy-lace beads: 10x20mm
  • clasp dimensions: 12x7mm
  • sterling-silver clasp, rondelles, and findings