Gold-Toned and Blue Earrings with Star Charms


"Galaxy" Earrings

I wanted these earrings from the "Sunset" arm of the STARSNOW Collection to have a Space-Age feel. To achieve that effect, I've sandwiched champagne-colored druzy slices between gold-toned spacer beads, highlighting the contrast between the rough sparkle of the former and the smooth shine of the latter. What's more, the shapes of both the gold-toned beads and the indigo-colored agate ones resemble flying saucers. The mix of precise, uniform shapes with more organic-looking ones is a reminder of what makes life so exhilarating: the constant tension between what we know and control and what challenges or eludes our understanding. 

These earrings are absolutely charming with jeans and a T-shirt, but they'll also look spectacular with a simple, champagne-colored sheath dress or a cocktail dress in an ethereal-looking fabric like chiffon.

Please note that

  • the agate beads have been dyed or heated to achieve the indigo color, and
  • the sizes and shapes of the druzy slices vary slightly. I do, however, select two in similar sizes for each pair of earrings.

The Details

  • length: varies slightly depending on thickness of druzy slice, but approximately 2 1/8 inches from top of earwire to lower tips of star charm
  • dimensions of druzy slice: 4-7x12-14mm
  • base metals underneath gold-toned coating in metal components: in earwires and wire links, brass; in spacer beads and star charms, pewter
  • other features: wrapped loops on wire links for extra durability; non-latex rubber earnuts included