Stretch Bracelet with Translucent, Blue, and Gold-Colored Czech Glass

"Solar" Bracelet

This stretch bracelet from the "Sunset" designs of the STARSNOW Collection is reminiscent of snow and ice in the light of the setting sun. The thorn-shaped beads, with a gold-colored coating on one side and the other side left clear, have the spiky look of icicles. And the translucent faceted rondelles, combining a matte finish with the iridescence of an AB (for "Aurora Borealis") partial coating, call to mind the ways snow and ice reflect light and color. Finally, the cobalt-blue faceted rounds, with their simple but powerful hit of color, hint at the darkening sky of a winter sunset.

The name, "Solar," was inspired by how much the bracelet, laid flat, looks like a sun with rays emanating outward. Only afterward did I realize that there are 12 thorn-shaped beads, 12 translucent ones, and 24 blue ones, so the design also refers to the length of a day on Earth. This bracelet makes a fantastic reminder that every one of our hours has the potential for beauty.

This piece looks great with jeans and a white button-down or T-shirt, but it also works beautifully with a shimmery golden skirt and a sweater or blouse for parties. Stack it with coordinating bracelets for extra impact.

The Details

  • length: approximately 7 inches
  • thorn-shaped beads' size: 16x4mm
  • translucent beads' size: 5x4mm
  • blue beads' size: 4mm
  • cord: clear, latex-free