• A pair of dangle earrings with silver-colored earwires, clear earnuts, and tan, clear, and teal beads lies on a white background.

Teal and Tan Gemstone Dangle Earrings with Sterling Silver

"Water Spirit" Earrings

These earrings, like the "Fountain" necklace, were inspired by Donatello's story in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Marble Faun about the doomed love between his ancestor and a water nymph. Donatello's forebear lost the nymph's love through his sin, and Donatello likewise finds himself wrenched out of harmony with the natural world thanks to his own guilt.

If you identify with Donatello's delight in nature or with his profound grief at his loss of his place in it, the beauty of this design will hold special meaning for you. The translucency and the rough shape of the apatite beads, along with their intense blue-green color, suggest water, as does the sparkle of the white topaz. And the sheepskin jasper recalls the pebbles around the water nymph's fountain. The striking color and unfussy size of these earrings make them perfect for everything from a beachy top and shorts to a simple, elegant sheath dress for the office.

The Details

  • length: approximately 1 5/8 inches, measured from top of earwire to tip of ball pin
  • size of largest beads: approximately 10mm
  • sterling-silver earwires and ball pins
  • rubber earnuts included
  • can be customized for non-pierced ears