• On a white background lies a pair of earrings. To the left are the golden earwires, which feature medallion shapes, and from these wires dangle headpins with three white beads separated by golden metal beads and tiny white spacers. At the ends of the headpins are golden spear shapes.

White Beaded Earrings with Golden Accents

"Hilda" Earrings

If you've read the description of the "Hilda" necklace, or if you've read The Marble Faun itself, then you know the novel's associationsĀ of the color white with the character Hilda's purity and innocence. And you also know that Hilda is a complex woman, sensitive and tough-minded, reverent and independent. So the earrings named for her combine sweet, understated white beads--matte white fire agate and highly polished white jade--with a spear-tipped headpin.

This warrior-like touch is appropriate because we see Hilda struggle with the knowledge of her friends' sins, with the effort to renew or perhaps simply preserve the clarity of her own conscience, and finally with the ways in which her awareness of her innocence risks the loss of a dear friendship. Even the textures of the beads, crackled and smooth, reflect the vicissitudes of Hilda's life and ours; we know all too well how quickly easy circumstances can change to rough ones and vice versa.

These earrings, like the coordinating necklace, work equally well with a dress or a more casual ensemble. No matter what you wear them with, they'll convey restraint, strength, and beauty. Sound like anyone you know? šŸ’–šŸ˜Š

The Details

  • length: 2 3/8 inches from the top of the earwire to the tip of the headpin
  • diameter of largest beads: 6mm
  • gold-plated components: metal spacer beads; earwires; spear-tipped headpinsĀ 
  • clear rubber earnuts are included (not pictured)