White Beaded Bracelet with Golden Accents


"Hilda" Bracelet

Whether you've read the descriptions of the "Hilda" necklace and earrings or The Marble Faun itself, you might already know that Hilda is a complex character: beautiful, strong, innocent, principled, and affectionate. This bracelet, with its simple color scheme and variety of textures, represents Hilda's constancy as well as her growth.

The gemstone beads' textures range from the velvety matte finish of the crazy-lace agate to the matte crackled feel of the fire agate to the smooth, glossy polish of the white jade. And the shades of white vary from bright to soft, with some swirls of pale dove-gray in the crazy-lace agate. The round charm, symbolizing perfection and eternity, echoes the circle of the "Hilda" necklace's focal; the bracelet charm is agate rather than druzy, but its facets give it some sparkle and added visual interest too.

This bracelet is lightweight and adjustable, and the charm is modestly sized so that style doesn't interfere with wearability. Wear it whenever you want a reminder to pursue your ideals and hold to the standards you've set for yourself.

The Details

  • length: adjustable from 6 3/4 to 8 1/8 inches
  • diameter of largest beads: 8mm
  • charm: 11x14mm; vermeil and faceted white agate
  • gold-filled components: two each of rondelles, crimp beads, crimp covers, and wire protectors
  • gold-plated components: metal spacer beads; bail; extender chain; spear-tipped headpin; lobster-claw swivel clasp