The STARSNOW Collection

The STARSNOW Collection

Dramatic color combinations.
Geometric, pointed, even spiky shapes.
Czech glass and semiprecious gemstones accented by metals.

Inspiration for This Collection

This collection is inspired by the brisk air, stunning skies, and evening festivities of late fall and winter. It comprises two sub-collections in two different colorways: "Midnight," which highlights the timeless beauty of black, white, and silver, and "Sunset," which features the harmony of golden tones and deep, bright blues.

But What Is It Called?

The name of this collection, like the collection itself, is really two in one: it's "star-snow," evoking the drift of brilliant snowflakes against a velvet-black night sky, but it's also "stars-now," named after the twinkle of stars after dark as well as the shining, golden sun, our local star. And I hope that when you wear pieces from this collection, you'll embrace all the ways you shine.