Measuring for a Good Fit

Magnolia Bough Jewelry & Gifts LLC


If you're not sure whether a necklace or bracelet of a certain length will suit your taste, here are some things to consider before you select a piece:

  • You can use the measurements of pieces you already own as a starting point for deciding whether a particular design is a good fit for you.
    • For a stretch bracelet, lay a piece of baker's twine or thick string over the top, and mark where it crosses over itself; then lay the twine or string out straight and measure the distance between the marks.
    • For a bracelet or necklace with a clasp, unclasp the piece and lay it out straight on a smooth surface; you can then use a measuring tape to find the length.
      • For a piece with a lobster-claw clasp and an extender chain, measure from the outer tip of the clasp to the outer end of the link where you usually attach the clasp.
      • For a piece with a box clasp, measure from the outer edge of the box to the loop where the tab attaches to the piece, but don't include the length of the tab itself.
      • For a piece with a toggle clasp, measure from the outer edge of the ring to the loop where the bar attaches to the piece, but don't include the bar itself in your measurement. 
  • Alternatively, you can wrap a tape measure or a piece of twine or string around your wrist as tightly or loosely as you'd like a bracelet to fit, and note the measurement. For a necklace, you can drape the tape measure, twine, or string around your neck and take the measurement of the length you like.
  • If the piece you're considering has larger beads than the one you used for your measurement--or beads larger than about 8mm if you used a tape measure, twine, or string--you'll want to add a bit of extra length to your desired measurement, as larger beads will make the fit tighter.