Promise Is a Bud: The Magnolia Bough Blog

  • What the Gym Taught Me about Jewelry and Life

    My experiences at the gym have strengthened not only my body but my mindset too. And that shift, in turn, has transformed how I approach my personal relationships as well as my jewelry business. I feel closer to being my best self, and that feeling makes life seem much more enjoyable and much easier, even in hard moments. My hope for my work as a jewelry designer is that it helps other women appreciate who they are and celebrate the richness of their lives and the world around them. View Post
  • On Self-Knowledge and Service

    Knowing who I am and who I want to be helps me serve my clients as well as my family and friends. And after a brief encounter with a very charming fellow Southerner, I've figured out that I want to be a little old lady who says "hey"--and I want to start practicing right now. In both my personal relationships and my professional endeavors, I want to help people feel more joy, more openness, more love. View Post
  • A Blog by Any Other Name . . .

    Magnolia leaves fill the left side of the photo. A magnolia branch extends toward the right, displaying a bud and a large white blossom. In the background are green grass and a white fence. 

    This blog begins with a meditation on words and the relationship they suggest among trees, jewelry, and us. In a tree, growth means promise, possibility. For us humans, it involves possibility but also commitment, and jewelry is a way of expressing both those senses of promise. And that's how jewelry becomes an important part of our personal stories.

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