About Magnolia Bough

Your life is rich. Your style should be, too.


Your days are full--not just busy, but also abundant. You feel rich in your blessings, proud of your history, and eager to learn and grow. And you want your style choices to portray you as a woman who's

  • confident: you know yourself pretty well, and you like discovering who you’re becoming;
  • caring: you light up around other people, and you enjoy making them feel special; and
  • curious: you like reading, learning new things, and generally treating your mind like a really amazing playground.

Especially when you're choosing a special gift or piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one, you want it to reflect who you are and what you care about.


The problem is that pieces that are made to go with everything and be worn by everyone can start to feel like they were made to go with nothing in particular and be worn by no one in particular. They might help you feel accessorized, but they don't help you feel special. You want pieces that are as colorful and intriguing as you and your beautiful life.


I get you! I am you. My name is Jennifer, and I’m the designer of Magnolia Bough Jewelry & Gifts. I have lots of reasons for loving what I do, but the most exciting one is getting a message that says a client loves her new jewelry or seeing someone's eyes sparkle and a smile begin to curve the corners of her mouth when she finds just the right piece. 

head shot of Jennifer Verdun, President of Magnolia Bough Jewelry & Gifts LLC

I feel especially grateful for those moments, because I didn't really set out to be a jewelry designer. After having two children and leaving behind my academic career, I felt happy but a little adrift: I needed to rediscover who I was and what I liked. Becoming a mom, with my days devoted to play and care, had re-ignited my childhood creativity, and eventually I realized I wanted to make things: things that reflected my love of color, pattern, and texture, things that sparked delight, things that made other people feel cherished. I wanted to recreate the sense of pleasure, calm, and belonging I remembered from my upbringing in rural Alabama. There, in the shade of my grandparents’ magnolia tree, surrounded by the hum of bees, I could slow down and drink in the beauty of petal, bark, and leaf. And so, on a trip back to the home where I grew up, just up the road from that magnolia tree, I started learning how to make jewelry.


Designing Magnolia Bough Jewelry has returned me to a rich, abundant life that honors my Southern roots, my people, and the ways in which my family, the land, and even the weather nurtured my spirit and imagination. The organic shapes and vivid, nature-inspired colors in my designs show my love for the created world’s beauty and for a childhood lived largely outdoors, and the geometric patterns and ethnic accents reflect my grandmother’s Native American heritage. It’s who I am, it’s where I came from, and I want to share it with you.


When you wear Magnolia Bough Jewelry, you wear pieces with a particular history. Pieces hand-assembled with care and love. Pieces designed to reflect your vibrancy, enhance your style, and remind you and those around you just how wonderful you and the world you inhabit really are.


Put on a Magnolia Bough design, and discover style as rich as your life.