• On a white background lies a pair of earrings with gold-toned metal components. Each features a small brown wood bead, below which is a short length of chevron chain, finished with a scarlet flower-shaped bead.

Scarlet, Brown, and Golden Dangle Earrings


"Flowering" Earrings

In Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables, the Pyncheon family labors, according to local legend, under a curse from a wizard who long ago was cheated of his land by the Pyncheons' Puritan ancestor. Hepzibah and Clifford Pyncheon, who have fallen on hard times, share the family home with a boarder, Mr. Holgrave, and a cousin, Phoebe. And in the family garden, Mr. Holgrave cultivates a type of bean whose vines produce scarlet blossoms.

Flowers, in this romance of Hawthorne's, take on importance as signs of renewal and revitalization. And just as Mr. Holgrave has a good effect on the garden, so does he too on Hepzibah and Phoebe. This earring design is inspired by the relationships the Pyncheons and Mr. Holgrave cultivate with each other. And it coordinates nicely, thanks to the motif of red flowers, with the "Hepzibah" necklace

Wear--or give--these earrings as a reminder of the ways in which people can blossom in each other's care. They're long but very lightweight, and the Czech glass of the flower-shaped beads is a vivid scarlet, recalling Mr. Holgrave's bean-vines. The small wood beads allude to the elm tree outside Hepzibah and Clifford's home. Gold-filled wire, earhooks, and headpins were selected to complement the gold-plated chevron chain, and the chain itself was chosen to represent the peaks of the Pyncheon house's gables.

These earrings were designed with love. We hope you wear them the very same way.

The Details

  • length: approximately 2.25 inches, measured from the tops of the earwires 
  • diameter of the flower beads: 9mm
  • gold-filled components: wire; earhooks; headpins
  • chain: gold-plated brass
  • rubber earnuts included (not pictured)