• A necklace with clear, yellow, and brown beads lies on a white background with the golden extender chain curved toward the upper right corner.

Yellow and Clear Gemstone Beaded Adjustable Layering Necklace


"Sunlight" Necklace

This necklace, like the "Sunshine" designs from the Hawthorne Collection, is inspired by the "Sunshine" chapter of The Marble Faun. The chapter centers on a conversation about Sunshine, a wine made from grapes grown in Donatello's family vineyard. The wine can be enjoyed only when it is uncorked, for its most delightful qualities quickly fade.

Donatello, formerly able to enjoy life's simple pleasures with abandon, is now troubled and thoughtful. His friend Kenyon, noticing this difference, admonishes Donatello not to make such a change on purpose, thinking that he would be better off becoming more like other people. But Kenyon fails to understand that Donatello is laboring under a secret burden of guilt.

Change often worries us--and especially in our friends, most especially when we don't know or understand the reason. But our struggles inevitably change us, and not necessarily for the worse; sunlight looks different filtered through branches and leaves, but it's beautiful nonetheless. If you're fighting a private battle that's changing you, let this necklace remind you that even the most painful changes can produce beautiful growth.

The "Sunlight" necklace has some citrine beads of the same sizes and shapes as in the "Sunshine" necklace and bracelet, and like these other designs, it features rock crystal as well. But it also contains tiny, gorgeous AAA-grade Ethiopian-opal rondelles, set off by faceted wood beads like those in the "Sunshine" necklace. And these two necklaces can be worn separately or layered together. "Sunlight" is adjustable to give you options as to its length, and you could easily include it as part of a #neckmess.

The Details

  • length: adjustable from approximately 14 1/8 to 16 7/8 inches
  • diameter of largest beads: 8mm
  • clasp length: 9.4mm
  • gold-filled clasp, chain, and findings