Black, White, Gray, and Silver Beaded Bracelet with Black Tourmaline Focal


"Lake Moon" Bracelet

This piece, one of the "Midnight" designs in the STARSNOW Collection, calls to mind moonlight on water on a clear, icy-cold night: peaceful, ever-shifting, mysterious, and beautiful.

The focal, a slice of black tourmaline with silver-finished edges, has the natural, irregular, organic shape of a lake's shoreline, and the darkness of the stone looks as deep and silent as water at midnight. But the gentle whites and grays of the howlite beads soften the darkness like the light of a full moon. And the classic color combination mimics the sense of timelessness such a setting evokes.

Given all these associations, not to mention the gorgeousness of the semiprecious stones, this bracelet strikes a perfect balance of elegant, versatile, and unusual. It's refined enough to feel special with a black dress or jumpsuit, but it's just tough-looking enough to wear with jeans and a cozy sweater by the fireplace or with a white T-shirt and a leather moto jacket at a concert. Suddenly long winter nights look a lot more attractive.

The Details

  • length: adjustable from approximately 7 inches to approximately 8 3/8 inches
  • approximate dimensions of tourmaline slice: 26-33x15-23mm (each is slightly different)
  • diameter of largest round beads: 8mm
  • clasp dimensions: 12x7mm
  • sterling-silver components: four rondelles, four crimp beads, four crimp covers, and four wire protectors
  • silver-plated components: spacer beads, swivel lobster-claw clasp, chain, and spear-shaped pin