• A beaded bracelet lies on a white background. The gray focal bead with flashes of blue is toward the bottom of the photo, and the golden extender chain toward the top. The colors of the beads include black, gray, white, red, and golden.

Gray, Black, White, and Red Gemstone Beaded Bracelet


"Broken Curse" Bracelet

This design, like the "Broken Curse" necklace, was inspired by a macabre passage from Nathaniel Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables in which the narrator mocks the corpse of the odious Judge Pyncheon.

It might seem morbid to design pieces of jewelry based on a scene like this, but the "Broken Curse" pieces really celebrate freedom (not to mention the sparkling humor and wit of Hawthorne's prose). Pyncheon's death is a kind of deliverance for his innocent sibling cousins, Hepzibah and Clifford: it marks both the end of their suffering and the end of the family curse.

This bracelet makes a lovely gift for you or someone you love to commemorate deliverance from seemingly insurmountable troubles. It's as meaningful as it is beautiful: the flash in the labradorite recalls both rain and moonlight, both of which are important to Hawthorne's tale; the dyed black onyx and the snow quartz allude to death and shadows and to moonlight and death pallor, respectively; and the red of the rhodolite garnet stands for the blood at the judge's throat--the sign of the old curse.

The Details

  • length: adjustable from approximately 6 11/16 to 8 inches
  • dimensions of center bead: 16x12mm
  • clasp length: 11.4mm 
  • gold-filled metal spacer beads, clasp, chain, rondelles, and findings